Again I say rejoice

Ain’t no mountain high enough (Ashford/Simpson)


Blessed be your name (M&T: Redman; Arr.: Jersak)


California Dreaming (M&T: Philips/Gilian; Arr.: Thürig)

Come into his presence (Helmut Jost)


Easter song (A. Herring)


Für den König (Albert Frey)


God gave me a song (Tore W. Aas)


Halleluja, salvation and glory

Halleluja, you’re worthy to be praised (Judith Mc Allister)

Heaven is a wonderful place  (Wolfgang Koperski)

Heavenly peace (Ruthild Wilson)

Heilger Geist (Atem Gottes)  (Albert Frey)

He is exalted (Twila Paris)

Help me Lord (David W. Thomas)

His name will shine


I give you my heart (M&T: Smith; Arr.: Thürig)

I’m going up a yonder (Walter Hawkins)

Immer mehr (Lothar Kosse)

Immanuel (Miriam Schäfer)

I’m gonna wait on the Lord (Clarence Eggleton)


Jesus be a fence


Kyrie eleison


Let me fly (M&T: Jochimsen)

Let us stand (M&T: Jochimsen)

Licht der Welt (Albert Frey / Lothar Kosse)


Majesty Hallelujah (Tore W. Aas)

Mighty to save (Ben Fielding / Reuben Morgan)

My life (Lena Maria Klingvall, Jochen Rieger)


Oh happy day (Edwin R. Hawkins)

Open the eyes of my heart (Paul Baloche)


Ruft zu dem Herrn (Darlene Zerbach)


Send your spirit (Ruthild Wilson, Helmut Jost- Naujoks)

Shackles (W. Campbell, E. Atkins, T. Atkins)

Shine your light (Tore W. Aas)

Sing a new song (M&T: Zimmermann; Arr.: Nitsch)

Such an awesome God (Tore W. Aas)


Ten thousand reasons (Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman)

The power of your love (Geoff Bullock)

Trusting in you (M&T: Plett; Arr.: Rieger)


Until I see you again (David W. Thomas)


Vater (Tore W. Aas)

Vater, ich komme jetzt zu dir (M&T: Jacobi; Arr. Müller-Arnold)


We will stay (Christian Jochimsen)


You God (Eike Formella)

You raise me up (M&T: Lovland/Graham; Arr.: Thürig)

You’re not alone

You are holy (Mark Imboden /Tammi Rhoton)